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Welcome to  Pre-school!

a super program  for children aged 2.5 - 5

in Therwil and Riehen 

on weekday mornings

Our nurturing and structured English Pre-school program offers our younger learners at AWE the opportunity to play and learn in a safe, stimulating and caring environment.


Morning classes take place at our schools in Therwil  and Riehen from 8:30 - 11:30.  These classes actively promote the development of language and literacy, creativity, early scientific and mathematical understanding, and physical and social skills.


Our themes and topics explore the world around us and include well-loved English nursery rhymes, role-play, arts and crafts projects, stories and music, and frequent outdoor activities.


We welcome English and non-English speaking children as all our staff have years of experience working with both.  

Once children start kindergarten, we offer the possibility to continue at Ahead With English with our program of afternoon English classes.

We offer BCT members a 5% pre-school discount .

For more information or to schedule a free class visit please email us.  


Our Pre-school teachers are:

 Claire West, Catherine Morrissey, Kelly Seiders, 

Deepthi Devaraj & Nadine Collins

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Click on the picture above to see some of our work

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