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Speech Therapy at Ahead With English

Joy Pénard Speech Therapy

Joy Pénard is an American trained speech-language pathologist. She has been working across the lifespan in speech therapy since 2011, and has a special interest in multilingual speech and language development.


She has extensive experience in early child development and communication disorders.

Joy offers individual speech and language therapy, sessions. 

Please note that, as a rule, Joy doesn't work during the French school holidays .  But don't worry we will make sure to organize sessions that both parties will be able to attend.

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Are you concerned your child isn't talking enough?

While it's true that there is variation among children for speech and language development, children usually fall within the expectations of typical developmental milestones.  If a parent is concerned about his/her child's communication skills, having a conversation with a speech and language therapist is the best way to address these concerns.

When you contact a speech therapist, you can ask questions and discuss your concerns regarding your child's communication skills, and together decide the next steps to take.

A Telephone Consultation: This is often the first step in determining whether a further evaluation is warranted and can be scheduled.

A Screening: This is generally accomplished in one session and is used to determine if a full evaluation is recommended. This includes meeting the child and parent(s).

An Evaluation: A full evaluation is a comprehensive process that seeks to thoroughly document your child's communication skills, his/her environment and needs with regards to speech, language, eating and drinking, as well as sensory development.

If Joy determines that therapy is recommended, a proposal is created so goals and therapy can be outlined.

Fees:  Please click on this link for our current fee schedule: Fees.

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Contact us: Please call 061 506 3336  during school hours or send us an email if you would like to contact Joy to discuss questions or concerns about your child's communication skills.

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