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Nadine Collins

Teacher EES classes Riehen | Riehen Pre-school teacher

Nadine is originally from Germany and studied Chemical Engineering in Wiesbaden. During her studies in Ireland (1997) she met her husband and became half-Irish.


In 2005 Nadine moved to Switzerland with her family and has been extensively involved in the English-speaking parish in Basel ever since.


After working for different pharmaceutical companies and being a stay-at-home mum for several years, she started teaching religious education to children in the English-speaking parish in 2011. Working with young children turned out to be a real delight and opened up a new opportunity for her.


Nadine went back to studying and completed her teaching certificate in the summer of 2016 and is happy to be teaching English for AWE.


Nadine is the mother of three children and her hobbies include traveling with her family, reading, sewing and singing.

Nadine Collins
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