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Policies and Pricing

AWE Terms, Conditions & Fees
Therwil / Riehen from June 2023

Absence: Notify the teacher in good time if a student cannot attend class. You can also send an email to report an absence.


Billing: Ahead With English classes are billed in two semi-annual installments or in blocks of classes if agreed. 

Please pay as stated on the invoice. If payment is not made on time, we reserve the right to impose a fine of CHF 25 on the first reminder, CHF 50 on the second reminder, and CHF 100 on the third reminder. The invoice is then forwarded to the debt enforcement office. All invoices must be paid by the family receiving the invoice. Reimbursement from healthcare providers and/or employers must be sought by the family.


Unfortunately, missed lessons cannot be reimbursed except for a long-term illness, an accident, or when moving away from the Basel area. In the event of an accident or long-term illness, confirmation by a doctor is required. If a private lesson is missed and notice is given at least 24 hours before class, Ahead With English will attempt to reschedule the missed lesson or session.


Cancellation:  If a student is registered for an English class at Ahead with English, it is assumed that they will attend again in the following semester unless we receive notice of cancellation in writing one month before the end of the semester: November 30 for the semester beginning in January and May 31 for the semester beginning in August. If the student suffers an accident or a long-term illness, or if your family suddenly moves away from the Basel area, the student can also be de-registered after the semester has started. The fees can be refunded accordingly. In the event of an accident or long-term illness, a doctor's certificate is required. Unfortunately, if we do not receive your cancellation notice in good time, we will have to charge you for four weeks of school.

Ahead with English reserves the right to exclude students from English classes and other activities at Ahead with English if their behavior is deemed dangerous to themselves, other students, or the teachers.


Registration Fee: A one-time non-refundable registration fee of CHF 40 per student is charged for all new and re-registering students.

Discount:  BCT members receive a 5% discount on our preschool program as long as they are active BCT members.


Drop off/ Pick up: Please bring your child/ren to school a few minutes before class begins and pick them up in good time after class. If you come by car, for safety reasons, we ask you not to park directly in front of the building. Use designated parking areas and walk your child to class.

If you would like to speak to one of the teachers personally, please do so after class; You are always welcome.


Learning objectives: Our work aims to ensure that students acquire the skills to communicate in English and to use the English language correctly and competently. Our courses cover a very wide range, from playful activities for the youngest students to more advanced assignments for the older students, which require fluent reading and correct writing of the English language. Our structured program enables both native and non-native English learners to become confident in their use and understanding of English.


Insurance: Every student must have health and accident insurance. Ahead with English accepts no liability for injuries sustained during English classes or other activities at Ahead With English. You are also responsible if you or your child damage Ahead with English property.


Personal Belongings: Please label your personal belongings. Ahead with English cannot accept responsibility for forgotten or lost belongings.


Data protection: Ahead With English requests your personal contact details for the professional delivery of high-quality English lessons. We will also send you newsletters and useful information about classes or the school.


Private Lessons: Private lessons and tutoring sessions that take place in the classroom at Ahead with English are in blocks of classes. All are subject to the same terms and conditions as group lessons. If a private lesson cannot be attended and the teacher has been informed of this at least 24 hours in advance, Ahead with English will try to arrange an alternative date for this lesson.


School reports for children:  At the end of each school year, a report is made for each registered child. The teachers are always ready to discuss your child's progress during the school year privately. Please make an appointment via our school coordinator.


Safety and Well-being: The safety and well-being of our students is a high priority. It is important that we can contact the children's parents in an emergency and that we are informed about any health problems a student may have. We take no responsibility for children outside of their class time. Parents allowing their children to come to class/go home unaccompanied do so at their own risk.


School Holidays: Ahead with English follows the school holidays in the canton of Baselland. The only

exception is that our August classes start one week later than those in the canton of Baselland. Please visit our website holiday schedule or the Baselland official website for a current holiday schedule.


Illness: Please do not bring your child to class if they are ill, even if they really want to come. This is to protect the teachers and other children in the class. General guidelines: Please keep your child at home if they feel unwell and/or have had a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting up to 24 hours before class.


Slippers: All children attending the preschool program are asked to bring a pair of slippers to wear during class with us. All other students are welcome to wear slippers or indoor shoes during winter.


Snacks: All children in the preschool program are required to bring a healthy mid-morning snack for recess. Children attending 1.5-hour or 2-hour English classes are welcome to bring a snack. Children whose English classes last no more than an hour do not need a snack. We request that all snacks be nut-free.


Feedback: We are always very interested in your feedback. Please share your ideas, suggestions, questions and comments with us anytime via email.

Fee Schedule

Fees in CHF
Book Club
75 minutes, once a month approx.
55.00 per session billed twice yearly
Private Lesson - online on Zoom
1 hour
80.00 per lesson billed as agreed
Private Lesson - online on Zoom
0.5 hour
40.00 per lesson billed as agreed
Private Lesson - in the classroom
1 hour
92.00 per lesson billed as agreed
English Class - group class - in the classroom
2 hours
60.00 per class billed twice yearly
English Class - group class - in the classroom
1.5 hours
48.00 per class billed twice yearly
English Class - group class - in the classroom
1 hour
32.00 per class billed twice yearly
Pre-school - in the classroom
3 hours
50.00 per morning billed twice yearly

How to pay your bill

Please pay your invoice via bank transfer using the details below.

AWE has a QR code

You can scan this with your banking app to pay directly to our account. 

Ahead With English

Bank/payment details

IBAN: CH49 0076 9016 2257 6600 5

Ahead With English GmbH

Känelmattweg 5

4106 Therwil

Ahead With English GmbH QR-bill small.webp
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